Baby Bullies

    • Part 1

      School yard bullying is hard to spot. Brianna at 9 years old says she has been a victim to bullying for as long as she has been in school.

    • Part 2

      Norma has been a bully since preschool. When asked why she bullies, she wouldn't answer.

    • Part 3

      The number one reason for kids becoming bullies is not because they are bad or mentally ill. Kids see that intimidation works.

    • Part 4

      Tucker and Matthew have created a pact to look out for one another on the playground. A buddy system at recess to keep away bullies.

  • Baby Bullies

    Grade Level: Elementary School

    About the Program

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers bullying, particularly among school-age children, is a major public health problem. Current estimates suggest that nearly 30% of American adolescents reported at least moderate bullying experiences as the bully, the victim, or both. Hear from real kids to learn about the outcome of bullying, along with advice and creative solutions from experts.

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