Balancing School and a Job

  • Video Overview:

    Football games, papers, projects and proms are what keep most teens busy during high school. But 17-year-old Jose has something more. He works about 20 hours a week at a computer repair shop after school. When he comes home from his job, Jose does his schoolwork before going to sleep. It’s an exhausting schedule, but Jose needs to work to help his parents pay the bills. So why doesn’t Jose skip school, or even drop out, to make his schedule a little easier? Jose says he’s working for two paychecks – one for today and one for the rest of his life. He knows that working hard now at both school and work will pay off someday with a higher-paying job and a bright future.

    Discussion Questions:

    1. Where does Jose work? Why does he work here?
    2. What is his weekday schedule?
    3. What does Jose think working and doing well in school now will do for him in the future?

    Student Self-Reflection Questions:

    1. How do you help your family?
    2. Do school and work go together? How?
    3. Do school and work conflict with each other? How?
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    About the Program

    The school/work balance is a challenge, but can pay off. Try to find a job with flexibility – and make a schedule and stick to it.

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