First Comes Love

    • Part 1

      Explore some of the expectations, myths and pressures that teens face when it comes to dating. Teen girls Kyle and Angelina talk about the pressures to look and act older, along
      with the realities of doing too much too soon.

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    • Part 2

      Teen boys talk about the dating pressures they experience to gain status and respect, from both the girls and the other boys. One boy, 17-year-old Angel Alcazar, decided it was time for a different approach.

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    • Part 3

      Jenny and Mateo share their emotional story about their abusive relationship, urging other teens to take it slow and allow relationships time to develop.

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    • Part 4

      Experts discuss how learning how to be in a relationship – and manage an intimate relationship – is part of growing up.

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  • First Comes Love

    Grade Level: Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Early love represents all of what’s exciting and magical about the teenage years but it’s also the source of some of the biggest dangers. Older boys pressure young girls to have sex, sometimes causing disease, pregnancy and depression; boys pressure other boys by linking conquest to popularity; and many teen romances end with dating violence. First Comes Love examines some of today’s pressures regarding love and how teens view and define relationships and dating.

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