Inside Out: Real Stories about the Inner Choices that Shape Our Lives

    • Citizenship

      Grayson Gunn talks about his experience joining the Marines and what he learned going through boot camp.

    • Cooperation

      See kids band together to clean up their city and help the environmental effort to stop littering.

    • Freedom

      Hear the story of Andrew and Eric. Learn why one became a drug addict and the other didn't.

    • Honesty

      Hear from Chandler about why she gave up basketball after dedicating her life to the sport and chose to try new things.

    • Patience

      Heather Bandy uses patience to overcome her disability and persevere in every task she takes on in life.

    • Civility

      Erica Bryant was subject to bullying, even in the safety of her own home.

    • Diligence

      Jodie Finney uses diligence to overcome her learning disability and is now on her way to getting a Ph. D. in physical therapy.

    • Generosity

      Danielle Anzalone has been bullied since the third grade for being different. When she finally asked for help and began talking with the school counselor things at school became easier.

    • Justice

      Jayme Webb made a split second decision to drink and drive. A decision that ended up taking an innocent mans life.

    • Peace

      Jordon Cook talks about being shot in the back on the way home from a party. He is now in a wheelchair and faces new obstacles everyday.

  • Inside Out: Real Stories

    Grade Level: Middle & High School

    About the Videos

    Watch ten videos that correlate to the student text Inside Out: Real Stories about the Inner Choices that Shape our Lives by teen author Chandler DeWitt. Chandler (featured in the Honesty video segment) and others share real experiences on issues including bullying and cyberbullying, attendance, anger management, competition and sports, stress and anxiety, drugs and alcohol, risk-taking, violence, peer pressure… and more.

    About the Book

    What is the reality for kids today? In Inside Out: Real Stories about the Inner Choices that Shape our Lives, teen author Chandler DeWitt shares her experiences (mixed in with some from other kids) about the choices during her teenage years. Read about competition, stress, grades, being included – and left out. She says there are no secret revelations or formulas – just stories about being true to yourself and taking some decisions a little more seriously.

    26 chapters, each with discussion and self-reflection questions and journaling activities.

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