Lost and Found

    • Part 1

      Loss can come in many forms… death, divorce, even moving to a new town. Grief counselors say that any time there is a major upset in a family, there is a loss to deal with.

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    • Part 2

      Fourteen-year-old Lauren shares the void she felt when her parents divorced and her dad moved away, and the behaviors that resulted.

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    • Part 3

      Christina and Doug share their grief and emotions after losing a parent, and reasons why some behavioral challenges followed.

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    • Part 4

      Moving and leaving one’s school or neighborhood can mean losing the things in life that help make us feel safe and secure.

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    • Part 5

      Experts say kids need an adult who can listen, without judgment, to whatever grief they are feeling. See activities that help kids express their anger and sadness.

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  • Lost and Found

    Grade Level: Upper Elementary, Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Adolescents experience loss in a number of ways – the divorce of parents, the death of a sibling, parent or friend, or moving from a familiar house, neighborhood or school to a new environment. The experiences can be painful. Lost and Found helps address questions, concerns and brings to the forefront ways to help cope with loss and the burdens it brings.

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