Peer Pressure

  • Video Overview:

    Albeth used to ditch school and hang out at a friend’s house, and by middle school he was in a gang. When he was 13, his friends’ peer pressure convinced him to bring a gun to school. Luckily, another student came forward and turned him in. Albeth’s so-called friends took off, and he went to juvenile hall.

    After spending months in juvenile hall and under house arrest, Albeth is thankful he got caught before he did something stupid with the gun. Albeth did not attend school for two years. He’s back in class now because he says he finally realizes where he was headed. He explains, “I see people walking down the street, picking up bottles. It makes me think like … if I don’t go to school, I’m gonna end up like that. I gotta get my education so I can get a nice job in my future.” He has also realized that who you choose as friends can have a positive or negative impact on your future success, both in school and in life.

    Discussion Questions:

    1. Why did Albeth wind up in juvenile hall?
    2. Why did he go back to school? What are his new goals?
    3. What is Albeth’s advice about friends?

    Student Self-Reflection Questions:

    1. How do your friends support and encourage you?
    2. How do you deal with a friend who pressures you into dangerous or risky activities?
    3. How are your peers a positive influence in your life?
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    Watching one teen’s story can help students understand the influences their friends can have — both good and bad – and the importance of the choices they make.

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