Someone You Know

    • Part 1

      When it comes to physical violence like rape and assault, and emotional violence like control and manipulation experts advise that the greatest danger is from someone you know.

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    • Part 2

      Theresa Densmore’s story of physical and emotional abuse helps to uncover how jealousy and control issues can turn to violence.

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    • Part 3

      Talking about dating violence became Tom Santoro’s mission when his 18-year-old daughter was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend after she broke up with him.

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    • Part 4

      Lorena Castellanos, a rape survivor, shows the courage to come forward in order to help others understand criminal laws about rape.

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    • Part 5

      While studies show the majority of rape and assault victims are females, experts say that means stopping the violence is largely up a men’s issue.

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  • Someone You Know

    Grade Level: Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Statistics show that one in three women has been beaten, abused or raped – and that’s just the reported cases. Over 75 percent of the cases of abuse are by someone the victim knows. The documentary Someone You Know details the early warning signs of dating violence, offers advice on breaking up safely, and includes steps teenage boys can take to help end the violence.

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